Dear customer, Aiper Smart has upgraded to Aiper. This website ( will stop providing services on January 1, 2022. You can visit our brandnew online store at!


Q1.Why choose Aiper Smart And what About the factory?

- Aiper Smart cooperates with battery suppliers of Apple and Huawei mobile phones in depth, and all products have been certified to meet or exceed market regulations, safety and environmental standards. We are committed to strict quality control, customer service and reliability, and have won the trust of our customers.


Q2.Where is "Aiper Smart" from?

The brand name "Aiper Smart" comes from "Smart-home", in order of being a life helper in your life :)

To make your life convenient, time-saving, energy-saving and more.

Q3.When and Where was Aiper Smart founded?

- Aiper Smart was founded in State of California in December 2018.

Q4.Which country do you shipping to?

- Every city around the world.

Q5.How long is the delivery time?

- 3-5 business days.

Q6.When my package shipped out, can i change the address of my order?

- If your order has been shipped and the tracking status has been updated, you can no longer change your address now. What you can do is to call the courier company, change the new address and resend the order to the new address, or you can pick up the package from a nearby courier station.

Q7.What should I do when I received a different item rather than what I ordered?

- Please contact Customer Support at (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM PST).