📢 [Top Cleaner] AIPURY1500 Cordless Pool Cleaner Have Latest Intelligent Route Plan Tech. Save Up To $500.
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Smell fresh air. 

Rid your home of airborne particles. 

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Desktop Air Purifier 

  New Release  


Perfectly sized for rooms up to 215sq.ft. 

Tower Air Purifier



Perfectly sized for rooms up 500sq.ft.

Dual-stage Filtration.

Stage 1

True HEPA Filter

Captures 99.98% of airborne particles as small as 0.3 microns.

Stage 2

Active Carbon Filter

Absorbs harmful chemicals and reduces the pollution and odors.

*Recommended HEPA filter replacement is 6 months or 4,380 hours depending on use.

Covers Most Indoor Air Quality Concerns.

Protect your family from indoor contaminants.

Powerfully draws pulled air into the unit. Gently releases clean air back into the room.


Pet dander, human hair and large dust.

Cigarettes & Fires

Ashes from burning cigarettes and incense sticks.


Mold comes out from wood furniture, fabric, wallpaper and moldy food.


Plants releases tiny pollens that cause allergic reactions.


Chemicals released from new sofa, carpets, drapes, matteresses.

Cooking Fumes

Gases and bad smell created from cooking.

Children's Toys

Formaldehyde comes out from toys that made of hard plastics and new fabrics.

Paints & Varnishes

Lacquers, industrial glues, paint that emit chemicals into the air.

"It continues to amaze us how it freshens the air. 

Even my children noticed the difference in the air. "

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