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An AIPURY600 Cord-free Pool Cleaner to Start Your Pool Time

When spring comes, we know that summer won’t be far behind.  After a long cold winter, we all can’t wait to feel the cool water in the pool. To welcome summer and enjoy the pool fun, we should make preparations to open our pool. It is troublesome to clean a pool by ourselves or hire someone to clean the pool because it’s costly. A robotic pool cleaner could be a good choice.

If you’ve got a small pool, then you should try AIPURY 600 cord-free robotic pool cleaner of Aiper Smart. It cleans up to a pool of 538sq/ft. from side to side regardless of the shape, hence it will offer you efficiency in your pool cleaning solution. AIPURY 600 is distinguishable by its 7.3lbs weight, which makes it very lightweight and small. The brand fulfills its promise of making life simple by ensuring that the robot is easy to pick and store.

Aiper Smart AIPURY600 Cordless Pool Cleaner

The AIPURY 600, being cordless, only requires switching and dropping in the pool. It will do all the hard work for you. The robot sucks out sand, dead worms, and leaves with strong suction. After a break like winter, it will do an excellent job for you. Since it is cordless, the risks involved in cable twists is not a risk anymore. This makes it totally safe to use within the household.

Aiper Smart brands itself as being different, innovative, and staying smart. The AIPURY 600 fits this by being a hyper-smart automatic robot cleaner. With this, 'Our designers and engineers have finally discovered how to simplify life so that instead of spending time asking daunting questions, you can enjoy a reassuring life,' Aiper Smarts' Core Value. AIPURY 600 meets this value through its auto-pull over technology. This allows it to move to the edge of the pool automatically when the battery is about to die. It makes it easier to pick; you will not get wet. AIPURY 600, is made to give you service for up to 50 minutes due to its intensive battery with 2600mAh. Your only task is to ensure you charge the robot for 3-4 hours and you are good to go.

AIPURY 600 is very affordable despite the high technology products used. It has the best ratio of price and quality ratio. Aiper Smart was born aiming for excellence but with no intention to make it unaffordable. In this regard, AIPURY 600 is designed using optimizing resources, space, and time to give maximum quality and efficiency during a pool cleaning service.

To have a crystal clear pool without the hassle, get yourself an AIPURY 600. It will make life easier for you and your family to enjoy.


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